Pulse Secure VPN Client for Mac
CE Laptops Only

Note:   VPN connections allow you to work outside of the office from your CE laptop just like you do inside of the office).


Step 1:  From your computer, register with Duo Security and IPG MFA by going to this link:  https://mfa.interpublic.com/


Step 2:  Use Apple's App Store or Google Play to download Duo Mobile Security App to your mobile phone/device


Step 3:  From your dock or Applications folder, launch Pulse Secure.


Step 4 :   Select Interpublic Group > North America SSL VPN


Step 5:  Select MFA_IPGNA_MAC & click Connect. Login with your CE credentials.


Step 6:  Log in with CE credentials.


Step 7 :  Launch the Duo Mobile App from your phone/mobile device and click the key next to Interpublic Group to get secondary password to connect to VPN. Enter secondary password. Click Connect.